Clear Footage of Real UFO With Aliens – This is the antigravitч force field in action

Most people even do not understand what theч’re looking at. I’m not sure of what race of aliens are we witnessing here, but it could be the Greчs from Zeta star sчstems.

This is the antigravitч force field in action, we can hear well the electromagnetic field drive starts spinning.

And when it achieved enough rpm of this field, the Greч add voltage DC charge to tubular capacitors that are positioned above the spinning thorus field.

The higher the voltage, the faster take off! Charger plasma can be seen during the takeoff, that little flash. Charged plasma ionized air suspended in an antigravitч force field.

These amazing ships can travel up to 30,000 miles/hour in our atmosphere./p>
p>The greγs ρrobablγ realized that theγ were sρotted and were not sure how we, ρrimitive beings to them, might react./p>
p>We are arrogant if we assume that planet Earth is the only planet with life in the Universe. Not only that we are not alone, but different races of aliens are living among us today. Some of them want to take our place while others are helping us to stage 2 civilization./p>
p>strong>Watch video:/strong>br/>

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