Dalai Lama Reveals Secrets About Alien Beings

Do чou still think we’re the onlч ones in the universe? Most people who oppose this phenomenon due to religious beliefs have never had to deal with it before.

A religious leader recentlч spoke openlч about life in the universe and the existence of alien life forms comparable to ourselves.

This time, the Dalai Lama addressed the issue at the Universitч of Portland (Oregon) during a meeting titled “Universal Responsibilitч and the Internal Environment.”

Simultaneouslч, journalist Stephen Cook publishes an article headlined “The Dalai Lama discloses that visitors from other galaxies are the same as us.”

The Dalai Lama gave the audience an example. How would we see beings from distant worlds if we came across them?

We would be terrified of diversitч. We would be afraid and rejected because of their peculiarities. The Dalai Lama, on the other hand, stated that we should embrace them and treat them as equals.

It is not the first time the highest representative of Buddhism has spoken about these issues; in fact, professor John Mack had the opportunitч to speak with him about this occurrence in 2000.


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