Did Egyptian Giants Walk Among Us? Let’s Unravel Josephus Flavius’s Ancient Enigma

In the annals of ancient history, mysterious tales often emerge, captivating the imagination of those who seek to uncover the secrets of the past. One such intriguing account comes from the pen of the Roman historian Josephus Flavius, who, in 79 AD, chronicled the existence of a unique race of Egyptian giants during the 13th century BC, reigniting the fascination with ancient giants.

According to Josephus, these beings possessed colossal bodies and strikingly non-human faces, their voices resonating like a lion’s roar, creating an awe-inspiring and, simultaneously, fearsome spectacle.

The Era of Egyptian Giants:

As we delve into Josephus Flavius’s narrative, we are transported back to the reign of King Joshua in the 13th century BC. It is during this tumultuous period that Josephus claims the last remnants of the Egyptian giant race existed.

The giants, with their immense stature, stood as both marvels and enigmas, challenging the conventional understanding of humanity’s ancient past.

Physical Characteristics:

Josephus’s vivid descriptions paint a portrait of these giants that sparks both wonder and trepidation. Their bodies, he asserts, were of colossal proportions, dwarfing ordinary humans in comparison.

What sets them apart, however, is not merely their size but their profoundly distinct facial features. These giants bore countenances so dissimilar to those of regular humans that witnessing them was, according to Josephus, a breathtaking experience.

The Faces of Otherworldliness:

Attempting to visualize the appearance of these ancient giants, one is confronted with the challenge of imagining faces that defy the conventional norms of human physiognomy. Were their features shaped by some genetic peculiarity, or does Josephus’s account allude to a supernatural origin? The absence of concrete evidence invites speculation and fuels the fascination surrounding these enigmatic beings.

The Roar of Giants:

Perhaps the most captivating element of Josephus’s narrative is the giants’ vocal prowess. Their voices, he claims, reverberated like the mighty roar of a lion.

This auditory spectacle not only added to the eerie mystique surrounding the giants but also evoked a sense of primal fear among those who bore witness to their presence. The deafening resonance of their voices adds an additional layer to the complexity of the giants’ existence.

Unraveling the Mystery:

As we ponder the implications of Josephus Flavius’s accounts, questions arise about the authenticity and interpretation of these ancient tales. Were the giants a product of myth, a metaphorical expression of a powerful and dominant civilization? Alternatively, could there be a kernel of truth in Josephus’s words, hinting at a forgotten chapter in human history?


The narrative of the Egyptian giants, as chronicled by Josephus Flavius, remains an alluring enigma for those captivated by the mysteries of the ancient world. The colossal bodies, otherworldly faces, and lion-like roars described by the Roman historian fuel the imagination, inviting us to contemplate the possibility of a bygone race that once walked the Earth.

While skepticism and scrutiny are essential in approaching such historical accounts, the allure of ancient giants persists, leaving us to marvel at the tantalizing fragments of a distant and mysterious past.


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