Did Google Moon Just Reveal an Enigmatic Alien Base on the Lunar Surface?

In recent times, a clandestine discovery has been unearthed on the Moon—structures hinting at the handiwork of sentient beings, conceivably human, alongside reported sightings of unidentified spacecraft hovering near Selena.

But this revelation isn’t just about celestial intrigue; it’s the covert battleground where global superpowers vie for dominance over Earth’s celestial satellite.

Enter Google Moon, the gateway not just for scholarly investigation but also a conduit for everyday individuals and rogue researchers to scrutinize the lunar landscape.

One striking example: a group of amateur sleuths stumbled upon a photo within Google Moon’s repository, revealing an enigmatic edifice stretching a whopping 15 kilometers across Selena’s surface. Their immediate conclusion? An extraterrestrial stronghold, hidden in plain sight.

Yet, what’s truly baffling is the selective disappearance of this colossal structure from certain snapshots, fueling suspicions that the imagery has been cunningly tampered with—orchestrated by the very fabricators behind the Google Moon program, masking this otherworldly stronghold from public awareness.

And now, enter the enigmatic figure, Scott Waring, famed virtual ufologist, who wastes no time devising schemes to leverage this purported extraterrestrial bastion for the colonization of the Moon.

Google Moon’s coordinates: 49°54’5.25″N 142°37’43.85″E

Watch the riveting video below, delving into this mind-bending revelation of an alleged alien citadel discovered on the lunar terrain. Share your thoughts—what’s your take on this clandestine discovery?


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