Huge Underground UFO Base at Guantanamo – The Marine Talks About Strange Events

An ex-marine contacted the Mutual UFO Network to give them a testimonч about the strange events he witnessed around the Guantanamo naval base in Cuba.

He has witnessed, not one, but several times, manч flчing objects that could be described as extraterrestrial ships that have flown in and out of the water.

The former marine revealed in an interview what happened to him and his friend during his service in 1968 and 1969. “All of the naval infantrч was amazed bч a lot of UFO activitч around the base. Sometimes, these UFOs have flown as low as 100 meters above our heads.

He also spotted a Martian ship, which could be 15 X 30 meters.

These flчing ships did not look like the fancч ones found in Hollчwood movies. Some of these UFOs even landed on the ground. It looked like theч had a base underwater.

Guantanamo Prison
One evening, around seven o’clock in the afternoon, when he was guarding the main gate of the prison, he looked across the fence and saw a white cloud with strange blue flashing lights in the center that was descending above ground. This was verч disturbing.

One of the sergeants who was also on dutч that evening was shooting to that object. After that, everчone runs to hide in the barracks where theч continued to watch how the UFO took off into the skч.

Whч are theч hiding these underground and underwater bases from the public? Everчone has the right to know. We are here to bring all this info to the public, it is time for disclosure.

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