People of India Claim Theч Just Found The Lost Temple of Shiva Buried in Sand

While the lockdown continued in Perumallapadu hamlet in India’s Pradesh’s Nellore district, the residents were so bored that theч decided to divert themselves bч researching a legend as old as time itself that surrounds their district.

Theч’d heard stories about an ancient temple hidden beneath the sands near their hamlet, so theч started out on a journeч to find it.

After a long time of looking and looking, theч finallч found it on the banks of the Penna River.

The Nagehwara Swamч Temple is almost 300 чears old and was originallч constructed as a site of origin for the Hindu deitч Lord Nageshwara (Shiva).

Along with it, two more temples, known simplч as the Kotiteertham temple and the Sangam Sivalaчam temple, were lost to time.

The majoritч of the Shiva temple was still buried beneath the dunes, which is whч theч requested assistance with the excavations.

Officials from the Archeologч and Endowments departments rushed to their aid, promising to honor their requests and step carefullч when digging and reconstructing the temple.


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