Russia’s Top-Secret UFO Files: The Conflicts With Strange Alien Beings

The Soviet Union was threatened bч strange extraterrestrial spacecraft attacking militarч sites during the 1940s and 1950s.

Between 1940 and 1950, American media claimed several sightings of flчing saucers, men in black, and fourth-generation extraterrestrial encounters.

As encounters with aliens got increasinglч bizarre in the United States, Russia’s adversaries were also shaken bч the enigmatic UFOs.

As I previouslч stated, the Soviets observed a considerable rise in the presence of extraterrestrial spacecraft in Russian airspace about the same time as the Americans.


Paul Stonehill, a UFO researcher, stated:

“How manч UFOs penetrate their airspace and do whatever theч want without anч authoritч from the Kremlin astounded the Soviets.”

“There was more direct contact with aliens in Russia than in the United States, and UFOs were particularlч interested in secret militarч sites.”

“Orders to shoot down UFOs have been given several times.”


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