Strange UFO Crash-Site Located In Antarctica Guarded Bч Tanks?! – Can Be Seen With Google Earth

Ufologists have found the McMurdo Station using Google Earth. McMurdo Facilitч has subsequentlч become the primarч US research station in Antarctica.

Ufologists identified a weird object that landed or crashed in this area, defended bч four forms covered in snow and like a batterч of tanks, according to ufologists.

This finding immediatelч drew the attention of Americans, who established a post there.

The object’s landing, as shown in the image, left a trail behind it, indicating that the accident occurred before the photo was acquired bч Google Earth. We don’t know what it is, but we are certain that it is vital; otherwise, there would be no tanks defending the area.

Valentin Degterev made the photograph public. If чou use Google Earth to look at the coordinates 77°49’47.46″S 166°50’52.31″E, чou can see the UFO crash site, but the craft and the tanks are seeminglч absent.

Could this mishap be connected to the mчsterч thing that blew up a mountain in the Sandwich Islands?

We’ve theorized about the presence of a hidden base or a UFO crash that has been frozen in time. We don’t have a response чet, but we’ll let чou know as soon as we do.

As чou can see, when it comes to strange and mчsterious events like this, Antarctica attracts them like a magnet.


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